Ustuu-Huree will be Opened Tomorrow

   Dina Oyun
3 July 2002

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From July 4 to 6 in the town of Chadaana (in the Dzun-Khemchik district) the third Ustuu-Khuree Music Festival will be held. This festival is devoted to the restoration of a unique Buddhist temple, called Ustuu-Khuree (in Tuvan, "Upper Monastery"). The live music festival has many styles of music represented -- folk and rock-, pop- and jazz-musicians will participate in it. The idea for the Festival Ustuu-Khuree is that of Igor Dulush, founder of the rock group Internat, ex-boxer and a very observant Buddhist. The dates of the Festival coincide with the Dalai-Lama's birthday (July 6) and on this day, a special blessing around the ruins of Ustuu-Khuree will take place. The Festival consists of the contest program, music parade along Chadaana streets and traditional Tuvan sports competitions: wrestling, and horse-races. Among the guest-stars of the festival will be Huun-Huur-Tu, Yat-Kha, and Gen-Dos. The organizing Committee of the festival can be reached at: phone -(+7-39422) 11520, fax (+7-39422)51267 [for Andrei Chymba], or email: [for Andrei Chymba].

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