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Tuva-online 2004 Calendar of Tuvan Events

February 21-- Shagaa (Lunar New Year)
February 29-- Musical presentation of "Olchei", Dom Center, Moscow
March 8-- Birthday of Yelena Dostai (Tutatchikova), Tuvan archer and Olympic Participant of the Atlanta Games 1996
March 9-- BBC Radio 3 Music Awards- Huun-Huur-Tu nominated, Edinburgh
March 14-- Musical party devoted to Alexei Axionov, first Tuvan music researcher, Kyzyl
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Dina Oyun

Tuva has Met the Blue Monkey Year

Today with the first sun rays the Year of the Blue Monkey came to Tuva. The festivities devoted to Shagaa take place on the main square of the city. As the shamans predict the year will be a sunny one full of happy events.
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Sayana Mongush
Event announces

1) 20.02.2023: Shagaa, New year according to Lunar Calendar (Tuva)

2) 23.02.2023: Defenders' Day

3) 08.03.2023: Women's Day (Russia)

4) 21.04.2023: Local governments Day (Russia)

5) 01.05.2023: May Day

6) 06.05.2023: Tuvan Constitution Day

7) 09.05.2023: Victory Day

8) 01.06.2023: Childrens defence Day

9) 06.06.2023: Russian Language Day - Pushkin's Day

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