State Donations for Press will be Distributed by Tender

   Dina Oyun
14 May 2005

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A new law on the state support of the local mass media was developed by deputy Anatoli Damba-Khuurak. The corresponding parliamentary committee has discussed the draft law today at its session. It is proposed that the money from the budget designed for the press-support will be distributed among local media on the basis of the contest and in accordance with the specialization of the media independently of its status – private or state-owned. Earlier it was traditionally given only to the state-owned media and the latter considered it the payment for their loyalty to the government not letting any critic remarks in their address and not undertaking any measures in order to raise their popularity. Thus receiving huge donations up to 4 million roubles 'Tuvinskaya pravda' for instance has lowered its circulation from 25 000 (in 1980) to 3 000 readers now while privately-owned 'Inform-plus' without any support is completely self-financing and has a 17 000 copies circultation!

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