Mongolian deserters detained in Russia, face charges

20 May 2005

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Three Mongolian border guards, who deserted their unit and killed two servicemen last week, were detained in Tuva (Russia) and are facing criminal charges, spokesman of Tuva regional prosecutor Vasily Krivdik told Tass on Friday. He said the Federal Security Service launched a criminal case for illegal border crossing and illegal arms possession.

The defectors shot dead a lieutenant and a sergeant at their border post and crossed the Russian border to Tuva. Mongolian and Russian border guards searched for them.

Krivdik said the three border guards crossed the Russian frontier on horseback and in four days rode 200 kilometers deep into the Russian territory.

They were detained by Tuva police near the settlement of Torgalyg in Ulug-Khem district. They carried three Kalashnikov assault rifles with 90 cartridges, a Makarov pistol with eight cartridges, a walkie-talkie, an axe and a knife, but rendered no resistance.

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