State Prizes of the Republic of Tuva are Given to the Best People of Art

   Dolaana Salchak
25 June 2005

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Sherig-ool Oorzhak has awarded 10 best people of art in Tuva with the State Prizes. Each premium in different nominations carries the name of the most remarkable person in this sphere throughout the history of Tuva. This official ceremony took place for the first time in Tuva. Head of the Government made a personal selecion of the laureates on the basis of the list of the nominees made by a state commission. Among the prize-winners are theatre director Alexei Oorzhak for 'King Lear' staging, poet Alexandr Darzhai for the latest poetry books, writer Yekaterina Tanova for stories for children, khoomeizhi Kongar-ool Ondar for his khoomei activity, singers Stanislav Iril and Luiza Mortai-ool as the best vocalists, stone-carver Donduk Doibukhaa as the best artist, etc. The declared money amount which goes to each prize-winner together with a diploma and a corresponding badge is 120 000 roubles (appr 4 200 dollars), but the laureates this time did not receive the money. It was said that it would be given to them later.

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