Daa-kozhuun will Turn 240 in September

   Dina Oyun
11 July 2005

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The Government of the Republic has issued a special Resolution on the celebration of the 240th annivesary of the Daa-kozhuun, district emrbracing in the 18th century Dzun-Khemchik, Sut-Khol and parts of the neigbouring Ulug-Khem kozhuuns. It made this decision on the initiative of the Dzun-Khemchik alexistration which considers itself the nucleus of the no more existing alexistrative unit of the old Tuva. The festivities will take place in Chadan in September, 23-24 and will comprise as usual a yurt city, concerts, horse-races, khuresh wrestling. 10 years ago the jubileum of tha Daa-koozhuun was celebrated for the 1st time, the date was discovered in the chronicles by archive worker Kyrgys Arakchaa (interpreter from the old Mongolian) who died 3 years ago. The then holiday was celebrated on the large scale with a huge balloon being set off into the air, a yurt city made up of hundreds of yurts, with a theatre performance in the open air reproducing the past of Tuva. Among the sports competition there was also a stone lifting one in which Sut-khol men were in the lead.

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