Tuva Prays for Dalai Lama's Visit to Russia

   Julia Zhironkina, savetibet.ru
4 August 2006

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Tuvans pray for Dalai'Lama's visit. Courtesy to savetibet.ruA three-day service finished in Kamby Lama Religious Directorate of Buddhistic Republic of Tuva on August, 3.

Three-day tantric rites aimed at calling the main protecting Buddhist gods – Jamantaki, Makhala, Kalarupa and Palden Lkhamo – took place in Kyzyl Chief Buddist Monastery -- Khuree Tsecheling -- by personal request of Tuvan Kamby Lama Jampel Lodoy. According to Tupten Shakya, the monks group leader of Tibetan Gyudmed Monastery, these rites are directed at the removal of obstacles in the life of Kyzyl Temple and Tuvan people in general and success in their gradual restoration of Buddhism after it was destroyed in the 30s. Tuvan lamas. Courtesy to savetibet.ru In Tuvan Lama's opinion, the main task of public praying is to eliminate obstacles that hamper the meeting of Tuvan people with their spiritual teacher His Holiness Dalai Lama the 14th.

Tuvan Kamby Lama stated that Russian Buddhists – Tuvan, Kalmyks and Buryats – must act decisively and in agreement with each other for the visit of His Holiness Dalai Lama to Russia to take place in the nearest future.

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