Tuvan Shaman Invited to Germany to Illustrate Photo Exhibition on Shamanism

   Dina Oyun
29 September 2006

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Tuvan shaman of 'Dungur' society Laso Mongush is coming tomorrow to Freiburg (Germany) to perform a shamanic ritual in the Adelhausermuseum for Nature and Folk Art. He will also give a lecture on the traditional way of delivery by Tuvan women. His ritual will be a live illustration of Photo-exhibition 'Shamanism in Tuva Today - Healer, Trickster, Manager' set up in the Museum since May. Photos of Tuvan shamans were taken by Czech photografer Stanislav Krupar, 36, throughout his multiple journeys to Tuva in the last ten years. This extremely tall man has become 'one of ours' the Tuvan shamans say.

The photos will be on display until October 8.

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