Small Children Drowned in Uyuk River (Tuva)

   Dina Oyun
3 October 2006

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Two small children from the Uyuk village (Pii-Khem district, Tuva) - Artem, 3, and Dayana Baikara, 5, - have been missing since Saturday. They left home at noon and have not come by the evening. Their grandmother with whom the children were left, as their mother went to Kyzyl to visit her elder daughter, reported it to the local police station. The boy and the girl were first looked for by local militia and on Sunday a Rescue brigade from Kyzyl joined in. Monday morning at 9:45 their corpses were found drowned in the Uyuk river. As the investigation showed they had been killed and drowned. And five-year-old Dayana had been also raped.

Villagers reported that they had seen the children till 8 p.m. Saturday playing by the river. A woman said to the investigators that she had heard a children's cry at approximately 9.30 p.m. but she did not pay attention to it.

A criminal case has been filed.

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