Fifth Breakdown of Tuva's Parliamentary Session

   Dina Oyun
23 November 2006

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The first meeting of Tuva's Great Hural parliamentary organizing session was broken down for the fifth time. This time in difference to the previous Anatolii Kvashnin and Tuvan deputies. Photo by Vitalii Shaifulin ones, when sessions were appointed by Sherig-ool Oorzhak's Decree, it was scheduled by Presidential Envoy in Siberian Federal District Anatoly Kvashnin when he was in Tuva meeting Tuvan deputies. Kvashnin was trying to solve a parliamentary crisis offering a new date but it was again boycotted by twelve deputies from Russian Party of Life who protested against canceling the election of their five colleagues in favour of United Russia party, as they believe. A trial was scheduled by Tuvan Constitutional Court Nov. 22 to pass a decision on what body has the right for the calling of a meeting when all the dates have already expired. The court is also due to schedule a new parliamentary session.

Today Sherig-ool Oorzhak has returned from a long-lasting trip to Moscow.

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