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Tuvan First Ballet-Dancer can Become Siberian of the Year with your Help

Natalia Azhikmaa, Tuvan ballet-dancer Voting for the best Siberian people will start on January 30 and will last till February 7. There are 34 nominees out of which you are to select every day 7, no more and no less. Voting lasts a week. Many of the petenders are actually Siberians only by birth or have no relation to Siberia at all, like President Putin who is among nominees. But they contribute to the glory of Siberia, organisers believe. Among the nominees is Tuvan first ballet-dancer Natalia Azhikmaa-Rusheva, who celebrated in 2006 her 80th anniversary. Natalia Doidalovna Azhikmaa-Rusheva is an example for everybody in Tuva of stoicism and dignity. Her house in Moscow is often visited by young Tuvans who seek an advice from tjis very wise and brave woman.

Azhikmaa Salchak (later when passports were given to Tuvans her name became a family name) was born in a picturesque place Ush Kozhe (Three Stone Idols, Pii-Khem district). She among other talented Tuvans was selected into the Tuvan studio set up by Russian specialists who came on the invitation of the Tuvan Government in early 40-ties. She became the soloist of the first dancing company organized by choreographer Anatolii Shatin. At that time she got acquainted with Konstantin Rushev, Bolshoi theatre designer working in Tuva.

Their daughter Nadya was born in Mongolia where Rushev was sent to after his work in Tuva. Then the family moved to Turkmenistan and then settled down in Moscow. Nadya's artistic talent was discovered at a very early age. Russian children's magazines published her numerous light sketches illustrating Tolstoi's “War and Peace'. Shakespear's 'Romeo and Juliette', Pushkin's works, Bulgakov's 'Master and Margarette'. Her exhibitions were on show in many countries. Her death at an age of 16 came as a shock to thousands of her fans. Young genius left a heritage of over 10 000 drawings which are now kept in the Pushkin's and Tolstoi's museums. Some of the Natalia Azhikmaa-Rusheva, Tuvan balett-dancer, mother of Nadya Rusheva sketches Natalia Azhikmaa-Rusheva presented to the Tuvan museum. She became a symbol of maternity for many people in Tuva and Russia. She is still very active keeping in touch with the museums and the Moscow school which nowadays carries name of Nadya Rusheva.

The 7 who will get the biggest number of votes will win. Do not stand aside and do ask your friends to vote for the Tuvan and other 6 at Opening the page which is in Russian in the lower part you will see all 34 nominees, mark the ones you selected (there will appear a phrase that you have marked 2 and 5 are left, then 3 and 4 are left, etc) and then press the upper word ПРОГОЛОСОВАТЬ, which means VOTE and your voice will be counted.

From a single computer one can vote during a day only once not to make the jury punish your nominee.

Get ready for a hot week - from January 30 to February 7.

Vote for Azhikmaa!

And make your friends do the same!

Dina Oyun
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