Tuvan Nominee Missing 100 Votes to Win in Siberian of the Year Contest

   Dina Oyun
6 Fabruary 2007

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alt Today and tomorrow are the two last days of interactive internet-vote for the Siberian of the Year at www.sib21vek.ru. Among the 34 nominees is Tuvan first ballet-dancer, mother of the legendary young artist Nadya Rusheva (died 17) Natalia Doidalovna Azhikmaa Rusheva, 80. She misses only 100 votes to come into the leading 7 who on the morning of February 8 will be announced winners. It is so easy to change the situation, just do not stand aside. Vote yourself and make all your friends do the same!

Opening the page at www.sib21vek.ru which is in Russian you will see all 34 nominees, mark the ones you select (there will appear a phrase that you have marked 2 and 5 are left, then 3 and 4 are left, etc) print in cyrillic letters (use virtual key-board with cyrillic letters) you see and then press ПРОГОЛОСОВАТЬ, which means VOTE and your voice will be counted.

From a single computer one can vote during a day only once not to make the jury punish your nominee.

Vote a Tuvan to the Siberian of the Year!

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