Opposition Candidates Whose Victory at the Past Elections was Illegally Cancelled by Election Commission Went on Hunger Strike

   Dina Oyun
18 March 2007

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Administrative pressure engaged by Tuvan prime-minister Sherig-ool Oorzhak in his desire to stay one more term in office in the past parliamentary elections has led to cancellation of the vote results in the constituencies where opposition received the majority. This decision was mase by the election commission of Kyzyl, whose members were pressed (even in night time) to vote in accordance with the executive power, the pretext for cancellation was the following - the election polls were not formed correctly.

But the Kyzyl election commission did not announce on this pretext all the results in 4 constituencies invalid. It voted to confirm victory of the only pro-Oorzhak candidate who received the majority of votes but did not recognise the victory of the 3 other candidates representing opposition.
In the situation of the information blocade when all Tuvan media are pressed to silence this illegal decision the three opposition candidates decided to go on hunger strike. They were joined by 2 colleagues.

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