Two Tuvan Kids Killed by Former Member of Religious Sect
6 April 2007

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A brutal killing of two kids in Tuva in autumn 2006 has been solved. The murderer of two Tuvan kids, aged 3 and 5, was a 60-year-old former member of a religious sect, expelled for hard drinking. As soon as the criminal was discharged from prison, where he was serving term for raping his seven-year-old niece, he joined the religious sect that sent him to tend cattle to the village of Uyuk. However, he was expelled from the community for the violation of labor discipline and was employed by his relative, Tuvan prosecutor's senior aid Vasily Krivdik said. On the day of killing the kids the criminal was drinking with his friends. After that he decided to pay a visit to his female acquaintance, whom he used to drink with. On the way to the woman the man saw a girl, 5, and a boy, 3, playing outside. As the criminal testified later, he immediately decided to rape the girl. The man offered the children, who called him a granddad to have a walk along the river bank. In the bushes he knocked the girl off her feet and raped her. The criminal took the victim's younger brother by his clothes and threw him down into the river. "The boy fell into the water two meters away from the bank and sank at once. The water was transparent, and I say the child's body drifted downstream," the criminal confessed later. After the rape he got rid of the girl in the same way.
Having committed the crime, the rapist returned to the village of Uyuk, where he stayed for a night and left for the town of Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva, next morning.
More than 300 witnesses were interrogated in the course of the investigation. Three genotypical and five forensic biological medical expert examinations were held to identify the murderer, Krivdik stated. More than 500 people with criminal records and registered in the mental hospitals in the neighborhood were checked up for affiliation with the crime. At first the suspect was a 39-year-old citizen of Uyuk, whose jacket was found near the crime scene. However, he was acquitted of the crime as the investigation proceeded.
The criminal remains in custody for longer by the decision of Kyzyl court. He is charged with Clause 105.2, points C, E, J of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "A murder of a person being in wittingly helpless state brutally, conjugated with a rape", Clause 105.2, Point J "A murder to conceal another crime", Clause 131.3, Point C "A rape of a victim under the age of 14", Clause 132.3 "Sexual harassment towards a person under the age of 14".

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