Tuva's Head Blame Oorzhak's Coach for Road Accident

26 April 2007

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The coach of wrestler Lorisa Oorzhak is to blame for the tragedy that happened to her, head of the Republic of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool said. He stated it at the press conference April 25, the republican government's press service reported. The chairman said the accident had happened "due to irresponsibility of her coach who took her to unplanned Nazarovo's competitions instead of sending the girl home to Tuva after European Championship, for the sake of his self-interest."

Kara-ool said he had asked Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor Alexander Khloponin to take the situation under his personal control and check that the guilty should be found and punished.

European champions in wrestling Lorisa Oorzhak and Anna Polovneva had got into a road accident on April 21. Tuvan wrestler Oorzhak suffered the most serious injuries. She had her kidney eliminated.

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