Ustuu-Khuree Music Festival in Tuva Awaiting Guests

   Dina Oyun
24 May 2007

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The 9th Ustuu-Khuree Festival of Live Music gets ready to receive musicians and public from all over Siberia and abroad. This year venue is of special importance, as Igor Dulush, initiator of the festival, founder of the rock group Internat, ex-boxer and a very observant Buddhist, noted to Tuva-Online. '9 is a sacred figure in the Tuvan World. Thus the ninth festival has to stand out. Besides 100 years ago the Ustuu-Khuree temple (in Tuvan, "Upper Monastery") was built, to the restoration of which the festival is devoted' - he said.

This year dates have somewhat moved and do not coincide with the Dalai-Lama's birthday (July 6) as they used to. It will be held from July 24 to 29 in the town of Chadaana (in the Dzun-Khemchik district). The live music festival has many styles of music represented -- folk and rock-, pop- and jazz-musicians will participate in it.

A special blessing around the ruins of Ustuu-Khuree will take place. The Festival consists of the contest program, music parade along Chadaana streets and traditional Tuvan sports competitions: wrestling, and horse-races.
Among the guest-stars of the festival will be Huun-Huur-Tu, Yat-Kha.

The organizing Committee of the festival can be reached at: phone -(+7-913)3494293 (Igor Dulush), or email:

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