Tenth "Ustuu-Khuree" Festival July 15-19

   Ben Stevens
9 March 2008

permanent link: https://en.tuvaonline.ru/2008/03/09/1135_ustuu-khuree.html

This year, participants in the live music "Ustuu-Khuree" Festival, one of the most popular musical forums in Siberia, in addition to participating in the musical program, will be able to contribute to the work on the restoration of the temple Of Ustuu-Khuree. The tenth "Ustuu-Khuree" Festival will be held this year from the 15th to the 19th of July, told "Tuva Online" founder and festival director Igor Dulush.

By the resolution of the organization committee of the cultural fund "Fortress of Por-Bazhyn", passed February 8 under the chairmanship of the minister of the Emergency and Disaster Relief Ministry (MCS) Sergey Shoygu, the fund is intended to contribute this year to the restoration of the Upper-Chadanskii Khuree (Ustuu-Khuree), which was destroyed in the 1930s. The restoration project is developed by Moscow architect Villa Khaslavskaya. She will perform a designer's review after the completion of project.

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