Tuva Presented at Russıa'a largest Information Agency Press-Centre

   Dina Oyun
12 December 2008

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Tuvan Prime-Minister Sholban Kara-ool gave a press-cinference at Russia's largest Information Agency - RIA NOVOSTI in Moscow. It is the first press-conference ever given by a Tuva's head on a federal news-platform. 'In 1970 when all over Russia Lenin's 100 jubielum was celebrated, Tuvan Party Committee gave an assignment to local historian to find something connecting Lenin and Tuva, - Kara-ool started unexpectedly. - The historians did a lot to fulfill the task searching for a bit of Tuva in 54 volumes of Lenin's works and a mass of memoirs of his colleagues and finally found a short line in his letter from Siberian exile adrressing his wife Krupskaya. 'I write these lines. It is dark outdoors. Winter. Some kilometers further is Shush river (400 km Tuva's north), beyond which nothing. The world's end'.

So the final phrase is about Tuva, world's end. Over 100 years have passed since Lenin's letter, but if you think that an average middle Russia resident knows more now about Tuva than Vladimir Lenin at that time you are mistaken. That is why I am here to speak to you, to answer your questions and to ruin some myths about Tuva' Sholban Kara-ool's communication last over 1 hour anda a half. The subjects touched upon are - prospects of railway to Tuva, investment projects implemented in Tuva, financial crises impact on Tuva's economy, coexistence of shamanism and buddism in Tuva, Tuvan throat-singing, etc.

These meetings should be held on a regular base stressed journalists. Sholban Kara-ool was also for it.

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