Artistic Teams from Kemerovo Region are coming to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ensemble “Oktay”

   Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak
5 January 2010

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Today, artists from Kemerovo region arrive in Tuva. Two famous creative teams – folk dance ensemble “Aprel” and pattern-dance ensemble “Tausen” – will participate in the holiday Christmas concert, which will take place in Kyzyl on January 7. The concert is organized by one of the most famous children’s groups of Tuva, ethnographic ensemble “Oktay”. On January 7, the ensemble will mark its 20th anniversary.

“Aprel” and “Tausen” from Kemerovo, as well as “Oktay” tour actively all over the world. From every trip, they bring folk dances of the world. The new dances will be performed in the holiday program, which will be introduced in the capital of Tuva.

“Oktay” will perform its best numbers in this holiday program. There will also be

a present for their fans – a new album in preparation, which consists of spiritual songs with the participation of some of the first graduates of the ensemble.

“Oktay” usually represents the centerpiece of Christmas celebrations in Tuva.

The support team of the ensemble, which grew during those 20 years of the existence of the group, spends the days before Christmas baking and decorating traditional Christmas gingerbreads, which, as experts insist, have a miraculous power to bring blessings.

The demand for them always exceeds the supply. Last year, the last batch of the spice-breads was finally decorated and glazed towards morning on January 7, just a few hours before the concert.

In addition, the children’s isostudium of Juri Akhpashev is preparing an exhibition of clay toys.

Sergei Sokolnikov, a local bard, folk ensemble “Vereya”, and folk ensemble of No.34 kindergarten of Kyzyl, “Kanitel”, will also perform in the concert.

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