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» » The body of shepherd buried by avalanche found in Tuva
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The body of shepherd buried by avalanche found in Tuva

Rescuers found the body of the shepherd who was buried by the avalanche in Mongun-Taiga district in Tuva on March 20. The search, performed manually, took two days. On March 25, at 14:40 in local time, the body of the herdsman Khaaya Omudan was dug out from under a 1.5 meter layer of compressed snow. The body was extracted after the arrival of public prosecutor’s deputy, and released to family members yesterday.

A worried announcement was made on March 21, that a mass of snow of total volume of 11250 cubic meters, which slid down a mountain slope in Oraash, buried a shepherd with a whole flock of sheep. Six rescue worker of the Siberian regional search-and-rescue team and three members of Tuvan search-and-rescue. The area of search was 750 square meters. During the time of the search, another three avalanches descended in the same place. Today the rescuers come back to Kyzyl.

The vitally necessary help to the districts which suffered from the heavy snowfall, has been implemented. Animal feed has been delivered to all the isolated herding stations, as well as provisions and medications for the people. Today the traffic on the highways between the inhabited points of Mongun-Taiga district is fully operational, as well as the main road connecting the district with the rest of the republic., translated by Heda Jindrak
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