Exhibition of Nadia Rusheva's drawings opens in Barnaul

   Altapress, translated by Heda Jindrak
1 September 2011

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Exhibition of Nadia Rusheva's drawings opens in BarnaulAt the State District Art Museum, an exhibition "The World of Nadia Rusheva's graphics" opened on 31 August. The exhibition consists of 68 graphic works from the collection of Aldan Maadyr National Museum of Republic Tyva.

The girl genius did not live a full 17 years (1952-1969). They used to call her "Pushkin in drawing".

Nadia began to draw at the age of 5 years. At the age of 8, she drew "The labors of Hercules", at 14 she illustrated Lev Tolstoy, at 16 she created her "Pushkiniana", and at 17 - drawings for "Master and Margarita"(they were used as illustrations to the book "Master and Margarita",  published by Altai book publishing company.)

"Where did a 16-year-old girl get such a knowledge of people and epochs? This is a mystery which will never be solved", - academician Likhachev wrote about Nadia.

The exhibition at GKMAK will be open until 2 October.

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