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» » American physician and Buddhist monk Barry Kerzin is coming to Tuva
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American physician and Buddhist monk Barry Kerzin is coming to Tuva

American physician and Buddhist monk Barry Kerzin is coming to TuvaFrom 7 to 10 October 2011, on the invitation of the Gosduma delegate Larisa Shoigu and with the support of the Foundation for  preservation of cultural and philosophical traditions  of Tibetan Buddhism "Save Tibet ", the famous physician and Buddhist monk Barry Kerzin has been visiting Tuva.

B. Kerzin is an American, who received classical medical education in the USA.  In his own word, he had experienced many sufferings in his life since young age: he had been seriously ill, had been comatose, his mother died and then his young wife… Then he began his path of spiritual search, which took him to Tibet and  turned him to Buddhist philosophy. Barry Kerzin dedicated many years to meditation practice. He has lived in Dharamsala in India  for more than 20 years. He finds time to show professional medical help not just to the highest-ranking Buddhist lamas, but to impoverished peole who have no means to pay for their medical help as well.

Beside seeing patients, Barry Kerzin also participates in research. The doctor is searching for answers to various questions like:  is it possible to make one's body more resistant to disease by training the mind?

It is not by chance that followers of Tibetan Buddhism are able to reach amazing mastery of mind over body by meditation practices. Barry himself is one of few researchers who are well acquainted with the state of "tukdam" - a post-mortem state. After the heart stops beating and respiration stops, an experienced spiritual practitioner is able to remain in meditation about the bright light, keeping the body from decomposing and preserving internal heat.

b. Kerzin also spends several months in Japan, Mongolia, North America and Europe, where he lectures about Buddhist philosophy and basics of meditation.

Last year, on the recommendation of His Holiness Dalai-Lama, B. Kerzin visited Kalmykia, where he lectured in the higher and middle educational institutions of the republic.

In December 2010, at the meeting of His Holiness Dalai-lama with Kamby-Lama of Republic Tuva, the spiritual leader of the Buddhists of the world spoke of Barry Kerzin as an experienced lecturer, whose presentations in  educational institutions of Mongolia and other countries were extremely useful.

This is B. Kerzin's first visit to Tuva. The Plenipotentiary office in Moscow will extend organized help to him, and he will be a guest of Tuvan State University in Kyzyl. Here he will present a series of  lectures for youth for the students of TuvGU, and will also lecture at other schools in Kyzyl.

pprt17, translated by Heda Jindrak
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