Tuvan 45 degrees of cold will not drop to 50 degrees - forecasters promise

   , translated by Heda Jindrak
5 Fabruary 2012

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Local weather forecasters are in no hurry to frighten the residents of the republic by 50-degree cold.

Yes, we were told by Tuvan Hydro-meteorologic service that we still have a full month of winter to look forward to, and it is senseless to try to predict just how far the temperatures will drop. The lowest temperature was registered in Shagonar - 47.2 degrees centigrade. As far as this week is concerned, our weather forecasters that the coldest night was on February 1 -2 at night. They promise lessening of the cold siege towards the end of the week.

As a matter of fact, even weathermen are at a loss to present a temperature map for the whole republic: there are places without meteorologic stations, and observations are impossible - and those are probably the coldest areas. That is why, just in case,  the forecasters and Emergency servicesalways warn people about expected drops in temperature: there is no joking with cold weather. And who is forewarned is forearmed.

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