A book about the founder of the first Tuvan ensemble of throat-singers is published

   Dina Oyun, tuvaculture.ru, translated by Heda Jindrak
14 May 2012

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A book about the founder of the first Tuvan ensemble of throat-singers is publishedInternational Scientific Center "Khoomei" published a book "Chonnun khoomeizhis - Gennadiy Tumat". The book is a collection of letters and verse of Gennadiy Tumat, (1964 - 1995), as well as reminiscences about the legendary master of throat-singing, who, together with the musicologist Zoya Kyrgys, founded the first throat-singing ensemble in Tuvan history in 1988, "Tyva". The musician and the scientist together put together the repertoire of the new group, searching for treasures in the Tuvan NIIYaLI archives.

The legendary ensemble "Tyva" gave birth to many famous stars of Tuvan khoomei: Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Kongar-ool Ondar, Stanislav Danmaa, Evgeniy Oyun, Boris Kherlii, Ivan Saryglar, and Otkun Dostai.

Gennadiy Khaidypovich Tumat was born in the village Khandagaity of Ovyur district. He started working in the Tuvan state ensemble of song and dance "Sayany" at a young age of 18. He was a master of all the main styles of throat-singing, as well as many sub-styles. He worked out his own style -"sygyttyn borbannadyry", which became known as "Gennadiy Tumat's style".

He was among the first Tuvan throat-singers, together with Gennadiy Chash and Oleg Kuular to tour abroad.

In 1993 he received the honorary title of "National khoomeizhi of Republic Tuva". In September 1993 he received the great honor of performing throat-singing in front of His Holiness Dalai-Lama during his visit to Tuva. In 1994, together with three throat-singing performers he took part in the production of "Noi" opera, in National Opera of Holland in Amsterdam.

In 2009, a throat-singing festival took place in his native Ovyur, dedicated to the master's 45th birthday. Performers from many various regions of Russia as well as from abroad gathered for the festival.

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