Literary web-site "Raduga Tuvy" published new material for its anniversary

   Inna Printseva, translated by Heda Jindrak, drawing by Valeri Yelizarov
24 May 2012

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Literary web-site "Raduga Tuvy" published new material for its anniversaryChildren's literary web-site "Raduga Tuvy" (Tuvan Rainbow") will be one year old in May. During this t period, a quite rich collection of stories appeared on it - more than 60 of best translations of Tuvan folklore, 10 books of prose and seven books of verse by Tuvan writers.

"Raduga Tuvy" is the fruit of collective thought and work. The best Tuvan writers gave permission for publication of their books: Mongush Kenin-Lopsan, Alexander Darzhai, Cherlig-ool Kuular, Choodu Kara-Kuske, Mariya Khadakhane, Kombu Bizhek, Ekaterina Tanova. Kyzyl-Enik Kudazhi's historical tetralogy "Ulug-Khem neugomonnyi" is published with permission of the author's granddaughter Inna Savyr. Soon the silver volume of a novel will appear on the site. For the birthday of "Raduga", the family of one of the most talented and famous Tuvan writers, Leonid Chadamba, will give a present to the children of Russia.

The newest material is Mariya Kuzhuget's book of verse for children. Mariya Amyn-oolovna dedicated the good verses about animals and birds to her grandsons, and now she offers it to children of pre-school and young school age. Beside that, the story "Bolshoi ogon" (Great fire) by Maadyr-ool Khovalyg has also been published on the site. One story - it is not quite in the "Raduga" format, but every rule has its exceptions - is an astonishing thing, and it is possible to learn a lot about Tuva from reading it.

From today, "Raduga Tuvy" can be accessed also on the address: . Beside that, another literary site opened in Tuva Igor Printsev's - "Day of snow" ( ).

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