In Tuva UAZ Patriot hit a tree: 4 people died, 9 injured

   Dina Oyun
24 September 2012

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In Tuva UAZ Patriot hit a tree: 4 people died, 9 injuredAs a result of the accident, nine people were injured moderately, four killed, among which a 4-year-old and 9-year-old children.

At a distance of four kilometers from the village of  Toora-Khem, administrative centre of Todzha district, a car with 13 passengers in (where no more than 5 admitted), went against a tree. 4 people died on the spot, 9 brought to a district hospital, from where 2 with minor wound were later released. 7 are still in the surgery department under the doctors’ control. The driver, who got the license only a year ago, left the place, but on the next day came to the police office.

Locals say the driver worked a stoker at the village school. He was taking part in the rescue operation at the Azas lake where his relative was reported to drown. After 3-days-search he decided to go back to Toora-Khem and took 13 passengers with.

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