Spirits in Moscow were fed artysh

   Marina Kenin-Lopsan, "Tuvinskaya pravda", translated by Heda Jindrak
24 January 2013

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Spirits in Moscow were fed artyshThe entire planet Earth was following the time of epochs according to the Mayan calendar. Some quietly observed the events, others "prepared" for the expected cataclysms, yet others prepared for the rare date like for a holiday. But in the center of Moscow, in one cozy backyard…they lit a ritual shamanic bonfire.

Here, near Paveletskiy train station, is where the shamaness Vera Sazhina lives, who comes to Tuva for several warm months every year, to Shagonar, where the "headquarters" of her association is located. During these days of December, her neighbors in the prosperous apartment building in the capital, gave permission to perform a ritual of blessing to the spirits. Which is exactly what Vera Lvovna has done on December 21. The night before, she and her husband Sergei Borzenkov received a package from her friends in Tuva, which contained cedar nuts and artysh - juniper. She used them in the ritual, "fed" the spirits, and, of course, remembered Tuva, which has become her second homeland.

This is the unusual event that took place recently on Great Tatar Street - a very symbolic name for a district of Moscow. Thanks to Vera Sazhina, ancient Turkic traditions are alive and well here to this day

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