Exploring materials: Italian exhibition of Evgeny Antufiev, native of Tuva

   Dmitri Fedosov, director of "Ralph Inc" agency, translated by Heda Jindrak
26 Fabruary 2013

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Exploring materials: Italian exhibition of Evgeny Antufiev, native of TuvaOn 16 February at 18:00 hours in the city of Reggio Emilia, there was a ceremonial opening of exhibition of Evgeny Antufiev, twenty-six year-old Russian artist, a native of Republic Tyva.

Colleccione Maramotti is the largest private collection of contemporary art of XX Century from the '50's to our time, which was originated by the founder of Max Mara company Achille Maramotti, and which is now continued by his two sons - Luigi and Ignace, and daughter Ludovica. The collection holds about five hundred works of art ranging from Francis Backham, and Parmigiani to Alex Katz - artists hailing from Italy, USA, England, Germany and France.

Vernisage of Evgeny Antufiev is the first exhibition of a contemporary Russian artist in Italy since 1991. Significant proportion of works on exhibit was created in Reggio Emilia, where the artist stayed since 8 January, working right in the Colleccione Maramotti.

A very spectacular catalog of Evgeny Antufiev's works was published specially for the opening of the exhibition, with text in Italian and English. One of the texts - about the significance of number 12 - is in Tuvan language, language of the republic, where the young talent was born in 1986, in Kyzyl, in a family of a poet and a journalist. After graduation from Lyceum #15, Evgeny lived and studied in Moscow, returning constantly to his native country, which is a source of inspiration to him. In 2009, as a young talent, he became the winner of Russian Kandinsky Prize.

Evgeny Antufiev's exhibition "Twelve, wood, dolphin, knife, bowl, mask, crystal, bones, and marble - fusion. Exploring materials" will run in Reggio Emilia at Colleccione Maramotti from 17 February to 31 July of 2013.

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