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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Tuvan Models Won Gold Cup in Saint-Petersburg

Photo by Chimiza Lamaja Fashion collection from Tuva has been recognized the best at the International Christmas Festival which takes place in Saint-Petesburg. Tuvan models were welcome with a storm of applause. Tuvans competed in the nomination of choreography as well and were runners-up. The 'Stars Shine' Festival makes the original children's groups from the East of Russia meet Western producers which are in the Festival jury. The Tuvan fashion theatre and young dancers received invitations to perform abroad.
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Dina Oyun

Hospital in Turan is Partially Frozen

A number of hospital buildings of the central district medical complex in Turan, alexistrative centre of the Pii-Khem district are frozen. As Mikhail Iusov, head of the Turan council, reports from the place, among frozen buildings are maternity home, surgery, infectinous department. The leaking in the central heating pipe has been first noticed on the 27th of December, but it was decided to silence the problem and overcome it with local forces.
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Dina Oyun

Parliamentary Election in Tuva Fixed for October

Russia will set fixed election dates this year, in a bid to reduce election costs Alexandr Veshnyakov and overcome the negative effect of the so-called "voter fatigue," which results in low turnout, Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission Alexander Veshnyakov said.

Experts said fixed days will also create problems for those seeking to use "dirty technologies." Spin doctors touring the country in accordance with the schedule of elections will find it more difficult to influence all election campaigns at once.

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Best Wishes to People of Tuva

Coming from Scotland, where Christmas is a far less important holiday than David Hutcheon the days we call Hogmanay (December 31) and Ne’erday (January 1), I should perhaps first introduce our traditions. At midnight on Hogmanay, we toast each other with whisky. After that, we visit friends and family, drink more and sing traditional songs. It is important that the first person to enter a home is tall, dark and handsome, and that all guests brings gifts, usually whisky, a cake or coal. The traditional greeting is ‘Happy new year and lang may your lum reek’, which translates as ‘Long may your chimney smoke’.
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David Hutcheon (Britain)

Tuvan Prime-Minister Congratulated Countrymen on the New Year

Sherig-ool Oorzhak, Tuvan Prime-Minister Sherig-ool Oorzhak congratulated people of Tuva with the New 2006 year and wished that peace reign in their houses. He remarked in his New Year greeting that the past year brought improvement in the level of Tuvan life. And he expressed a hope that the new one will bring more moments of happiness and luck to all the people of Tuva.
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