Famous Tuva's Researcher Died

   Dina Oyun
24 July 2007

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Archaeologist, merited professor at the Moscow State University Leonid Kyzlasov. Photo courtesy of «Khakas chiri» newspaperFamous archaeologist, siberian Middle Age researcher, merited professor at the Moscow State University Leonid Kyzlasov, 83, died today. His contribution to the study of the Tuva's history is huge, he is the main investigator of ancient and middle age history of Tuva. Kyzlasov was among the first to make an archaeological periodisation of Tuva's history. Out of his 50 archaeological expeditions 30 were carried out on the territory of Tuva. He found 18 ancient cities in Tuva, among which was Por-Bazhyn. He left a tremendous scientific heritage - over 100 articles and 30 books. Tuvan Prime-Minister Sholban Kara-ool expressed condolescence to Leonid Kyzlasov family in which he stressed the scientist's significant contribution to the study of Tuva. Funeral will take place on July 27. Leonid Kyzlasov will be buried at the Troyekurovskoe cemetery in Moscow.

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