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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

The official date of the Buddhist New Year was announced in Tuva

Following the direction of the Kamby-Lama of the Republic, Tuvan Government officially determined the date of the Buddhist New Year – Shagaa. The date falls on a different day every year, and has to be calculated by the astrologists of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia. This year it falls on February 25.

The regulation which designates February 25 as a free day was accepted by the Parliament of the Republic on January 29, in accordance with the law “Government holidays in Republic Tuva”. The law-givers also stretched out the preceding work week, transferring the free day of Sarturday, Feb.21 to Tuesday, Feb.24 – “ for the reason of rational use of free and non-working days.”. That way, Shagaa, together with the “red” Monday, a Russian holiday dedicated to the Patriot Defenders of the country, will constitute a 4-day pre-new-year vacation.

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