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«    May 2009    »
электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

From “The breath of Tuva”

The Days of Tuva in Krasnoyarsk region will open on May 15.

In the morning, meetings between the leadership of Tuva and the students and aspirants of Siberian federal university will take place. Then the Agreement of co-operation between the two neighboring regions will be signed in the building of the Administration.

One of the exhibitions presented will include photographs of Old Tuva from the early years of the last century, which were taken by a native of Krasnoyarsk region, who later became the first photographer of Tuva, and the first director of the Tuvan museum, Vladimir Yermolaev.

The natives and guests of Krasnoyarsk will be introduced to the unique specimens from the collections of the Tuva museum, a shaman’s costume, ethnographic objects, horse equipment, and objects of religious cults.

The Union of Artists of Tuva prepared an exhibition of visual arts by Sergei Lanza, Vladimir Demin, Vsevolod Tas-ool and contemporary masters.

In the Theater of Opera and Ballet, there will be performances by one of the most renowned throat singers of Tuva, the holder of the Grand Prix of International festival of throat singing, Mongun-ool Ondar. The famous State Ensemble “Sayany” will introduce a dance composition with the accompaniment of the Great Symphonic Orchestra of Krasnoyarsk. The orchestra will play the “Youth Suite” of the legendary Tuvan composer Vladimir Toka.

There will also be a performance by the children’s ethnographic ensemble “Oktay”, dances by ensemble “Edegei”, and the already known inKrasnoyarsk musical innovation ensemble – The Wind Instrument Orchestra of the Government of Republic Tuva, led by Timur Dulush.

Three yourts will be erected on the square in front of the theatre,where where the Siberians can get to see the Tuvan domestic arrangements. There will also be a small concert square, where Tuvan masters of arts will introduce the Siberians to the history of the nomadic nation.

In the House of Arts, an exhibition “Breath of Tyva” has already been opened, which includes the works of the sculptor Mai-ool Mongush (Tyva) and graphic artist Vitalii Yanov (Krasnoyarsk). More than 40 works in graphic, wood, stoneand metal represent the palette of this mysterious and beautiful country, in whse heart is the source of Yenisei.

In the square, on May 16, there will be a great joint concert of masters of Tuva and Krasnoyarsk region, where the audience can listen to not just traditional throat singing, but also Tuvan rock-musicians. Krasnoyarsk rockers will be there, too. They are all participants of the festival of live music, “Ustuu-Khuree” which will again take place in Tuva this year, for the 11th time.

Informagentstvo and “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (Krasnoyarsk), translated by Heda Jindrak
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