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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Press-tours to “Treasures of Tuva” will continue

Press-tours to “Treasures of Tuva” will continue“Continue the press-tours to the attractions of the republic!” – such was the decision of the Expert council of the special project “Tos Ertine”, dedicated to the Year of Tourism. The co-ordinator of the special project, Anna Khadakhane, presented the summary of the work done during the summer. During the summer, groups of journalists visited 12 kozhuuns of the republic; materials have been prepared on 44 of the noteworthy objects submitted to the contest.
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Info from translated by Heda Jindrak

Elena Tsyganenko recognized as the “Best TV reporter” in interregional contest

Elena Tsyganenko recognized as the “Best TV reporter” in interregional contestBy a decision of the jury of the 19th International television festival of documentary film “Babye leto v Uvate” (Indian summer in Uvat), headed by Maria Sittel, a  correspondent of GTRK “Tyva”, Elena Tsyganenko, received the award of “Best television reporter”. More than 700 works were presented at the festival. But Elena’s documentary about one of the “Treasures of Tuva” – the Moren cave – was without peers. “I am very grateful to the project “Nine treasures” for this opportunity to visit some of the most remote corners of my native Tuva”, - Elena Tsyganenko informed us from Tyumen region, where the festival took place.
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Dina Oyun, photo by Vladimir Savinykh, translated by Heda Jindrak
Event announces

1) 30.10.2019: Opening of the 51th concert season of Tuvan National dance and sing ensemble 'Sayany' (National Drama theatre named after Victor Kok-ool, Kyzyl, Tuva)

2) 04.11.2019: All-Russian Festival of Unity (Russia)

3) 24.11.2019: Children's Eurovision-2019 with Russia represented by duet of Denberel Oorzhak (Tuva) and Tatiana Mezhentseva (Moscow) (Gliwice, Poland)

4) 01.12.2019: 'United Russi' party's birthday. Electorate meetings with their deputies at all levels to be held (Russia)

5) 12.12.2019: The Day of the Russian Constitution (Russia)

6) 01.01.2020: Happy New Year

7) 01.01.2020: Famous Tuvan ston-carver Donduk Toibukhaa's birthday (Kyzyl, Tuva)

8) 07.01.2020: Happy Christmas

9) 19.01.2020: Baptism. Epiphany bathings (Russia)

10) 25.01.2020: Shagaa, new year according to Buddist calendar (Tuva)

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