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» » Eternal Song of the Universe (Memories of Ai-Churek)
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«    November 2010    »
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Eternal Song of the Universe (Memories of Ai-Churek)

Eternal Song of the Universe (Memories of Ai-Churek)The most illustrious shamaness Ai-Churek has left us, departed for another world…

The life of a shaman is an endless struggle. Shamans, just like fighters in the ring are always in a fighting frame of mind in their spirit, but in contrast to athletes, who fight only in the ring, the Shamans Fight for Life and Strong Blood, and their Fight lasts their Whole Life on Earth and Afterwards…

The Tuvans say that the gods take those whom they especially like to themselves…

That is probably why shamans’ lives are not long and not many of them live until old age.

But their short lives in this world are filled with stormy events and powerful encounters with terrible spirits, and every ceremony of kamlanie is in its way a duel with spirits invisible to the eyes of ordinary people.

The life of the shaman himself depends on his ability and competence in fighting not just for their own lives, but also for the lives of others, and the more of the victories, the more famous his or her name becomes, and the longer he or she lives. But sooner or later, as the shamans themselves say, death will overtake them anyway, and then, those who witness the last fight say: “Oh, this was a Great Fight! But the shaman did not win it.” that means that the shaman has died or will die in some time.

It sounds harsh, but there is truth in it, just like in the fact that only those who can fearlessly stare death in the face can become true warriors. Only those who are not afraid of Evil Spirits and Eerens, because it is in that fearlessness and wisdom that Power and the Shaman’s Gift are rooted, can be the link between our tri-dimensional world and the world of divine multidimensionality, where there is no sharp line between the Powers of Good and Evil, just like there is no sharp division between Energy of Creation and Energy of Destruction.

I met Ai-Churek many times. She used to bring foreigners with her, who were especially interested in ancient traditions of  healing and shamanism. Many used to return again and again, and I Saw Ai-Churek’s power and enlightenment in that. Without knowing any foreign languages, she was able to communicate by some method known only to herself, and even explain  the bases of her methods to her apprentices from abroad, and speak of simple things without using any words of a foreign language.

In 2001 I introduced Ai-Churek to a Swiss woman named Cornelia Mueller. Cornelia organized a festival of alternative music in her native Switzerland, and became interested in shamanism. She was a doctor of psychology by education, and her father, a well-known professor of psychology invented a certain apparatus; at that time this discovery caused a complete change in the minds of scientists. Before her first visit to Tuva, Cornelia visited her father’s grave, and brought me along with her. In a tiny town of Posciavo, by a picturesque lake, the house where her father spent his last years in solitude, his house stood intact.

At the beginning of her first visit to Tuva, just like so many other visitors, Cornelia expressed a wish to spend more time in Kyzyl, and live with Ai-Churek, whom she liked very much, in her yurts.

Without any surprise,  I negotiated a mutually acceptable price for which Cornelia could live in Ai-Churek’s yurt, and with complete confidence that everything will go well and be safe for Cornelia, left her to the care of Ai-Churek and her helpers fro entire four weeks. I should admit that it was already November and the first snow was falling. Cornelia was very decisive, and wanted to learn secrets of healing from Ai-Churek no matter what. Probably from outside all this appeared more than strange and even adventurous.

Nevertheless, I made an agreement with everybody and left Cornelia alone with the shamans. Without knowing the language and knowing only me and Ai-Churek, Cornelia did not get frightened and stayed in the yurt for four weeks. I visited them from time to time anyway, and I discovered with surprise that regardless of the fact that everything was covered with snow and it was 10 degrees below freezing point, Cornelia not just did not get sick, but on the contrary she improved, her cheeks turned a rosy color, and she became friends with all the shamans of “Tos Deer”; she also got many new friends and hatched new plans.

Altogether, I could not believe my eyes and ears. From a gloomy intellectual always immersed in some internal dialogue, she turned into a simple, sociable and smiling woman. And I thought that I would have to rescue her, and to be honest, was prepared to come at any time of day or night…

When I saw all that, I finally relaxed and thought with relief, that the spirits protect this house and all who live here. But now curiosity would not let me sleep: “How did they manage tat? How do they communicate without a common language? Maybe something is helping them? Maybe somebody is translating for them after all?”


Because safety already had been negotiated, I was not surprised, but I was sincerely grateful; however, I could not find an explanation for this miraculous change of Cornelia into a Tuva woman, and I still cannot find an explanation other than the true healing talent of the great Shamaness Ai-Churek. After this trip, Cornelia changed down to the core, and almost every year she came back to Tuva, bringing her friends with her, and often invited Tuvans to Switzerland. Ai-Churek and “Tyva Kyzy” visited her, as well as many others. Great Shamaness Ai-Churek died, but the friendship that she started is continued by her colleagues, shamans.

I decided to hold a concert in memory of Ai-Churek on December 7, at the Cultural Center DOM in Moscow, and I decided to invite my friends and everybody who is interested in the culture and history of Tuva, as well as my colleagues - musicians, to perform the “Eternal Song of the Universe” in honor of Great Shamaness Ai-Churek. It will be an improvised event and everything at this soiree will be based on improvisation.

You may ask why - it is because nobody expects death, and because shamans themselves always improvise depending on surrounding circumstances, and also because we always expect new discoveries and new knowledge about Life and the Universe; and also because how can you discover anything new without improvisation?

Please come. I don’t know to what extent we will be successful, but I am confident that it will be interesting to meet and to honor the memory of Great Shamaness Ai-Churek.

It will not be a Kamlanie ceremony, because my friends the musicians do not practice shamanism, but it will be a Musical Mystery in memory of Ai-Churek.

In advance I want to express gratitude to the kids from the cultural center DOM and to all the future participants of this event; gratitude for participation and faith and love.



Beginning at 20:00. Ticket 400 rubles, students 300 rubles.


7 December 2010, 19:30

Sainkhoo Namchylak at the Cultural Center DOM in Moscow

WELCOME to the Musical Mystery titled

“Eternal Song of the Universe”

In honor of  Great Shamaness Ai-Churek


With respect

Sainkhoo Namchylak

27 November 2010, Moscow



Part II

“Rainbow is a bridge between Heaven and Earth, between the past and the future”


The bridge of love - rainbow, is a bridge between Heaven and Earth, between the past and the future; it is the sign of shamans, because many shamans can control weather and create a rainbow.

Sainkhoo Namchylak,, translated by Heda Jindrak
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