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» » In the anniversary year of the Victory, a book "Their Glory is Eternal" was published in Tuva
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In the anniversary year of the Victory, a book "Their Glory is Eternal" was published in Tuva

In the anniversary year of the Victory, a book "Their Glory is Eternal" was published in TuvaIn the year of the 65th Anniversary of the Victory, the Tuvan book publishing house published a series of documentary essays  "Their Glory is Eternal", prepared by Valeriy Kara-ool. The book is dedicated to Tuvan volunteers - ordinary young people who, not under orders, but by the will of their own heart, leaving their wives, children, and mothers,  voluntarily departed to the battles with German-fascist invaders.

During editing the material, the author used several chapters from the book of  Comissar of  the 106th Cavalry regiment Pavel Filippov, "The Oath of  the Tuvan Volunteers" as a base, as well as  letters from the front,  communications and photographs of Tuvan volunteers - tank  and cavalry soldiers, from the archive of National Museum of Tuva, as well as the memories of  relatives of the Tuvan volunteers figuring in the essays.

The book consists of these parts: the oath of the Tuvan volunteers; letters from the front, the last battle of the Tuvan volunteers, and "All for the Front!"

The author addresses all those alive today with an exhortation not to forget the heroes - their compatriots, to remember and preserve their names and their act in the name of the future.

The book is being published in the framework of the project "Moya Pobeda", and was printed  for the author's personal means.

The staff of Tuvan Book Publishing took part in preparation of the book.

The presentation of the book will take place in villages of Kaa-Khem kozhuun, and a meeting of the author with students of Tuvan State University is planned.

Kheimer-ool Oorzhak, translated by Heda Jindrak
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