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» » Tuvan paratroopers-firefighters will help to fight fires in Yakutia and Archangelsk region
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Tuvan paratroopers-firefighters will help to fight fires in Yakutia and Archangelsk region

Tuvan paratroopers-firefighters will help to fight fires in Yakutia and Archangelsk regionToday 25 paratroopers from air forest security of Tuva flew to Yakutia, where there are raging forest fires. 36 of their colleagues, who are fighting forest fires in Republic Komi  since 11 July, will soon be going to Archangelsk region, where they are also having a complicated situation with forest fires. The government of Archangelsk region approached head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool with the request for help in the framework of interregional cooperation and maneuvering of the firefighting forces. The approximate length of the shift will be 20 days.

As the head of  State forest commission of Tuva Vadim Kyzyl-ool explained, the work of Tuvan paratroopers-firefighters, who have experience of firefighting in various conditions - from steppe to mountain taiga, is held in high regard by specialists of many regions of Russia.  In the summer of 2010, 50 of our paratroopers took part in fighting forest fires in Republic Komi and Perm  region, and had a very good revaluation.

Currently the State commission is taking measures in prevention of forest fires on Tuvan territory.  Two light planes X-32 Miks ("Bekas") were rented from Ryazan for air patrols. One of the planes will patrol Todzha, the other - Kaa-Khem district.

Beside that, training of 25 volunteers is now taking place at the air forest security base; they will be available for work in case of forest fires in Tuva. As of 25 July, there were no reported forest or steppe fires in Tuva.

A good harvest of berries and nuts is now ripening, and that means that very soon people will be going to pick them; foresters are issuing an early warning about the necessity to observe the rules of fire safety., translated by Heda Jindrak
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