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Defense Minister Offended Shamans

Russian vice-prime-minister, defense minister Sergei Ivanov speaking of the patriotic upbringing of the younger generation mentioned that sometimes 'in news-papers alongside with a good article one can see ads of services Mongush Kenin-Lopsan rendered by prostitutes, shamans and other cheaters'. This sentence did not go unnoticed. Supreme shaman of Tuvans, doctor in history Mongush Kenin-Lopsan wrote a letter to Ivanov, copying it to State Duma, Council of Federation, in which he underlined that shamanism is a traditional belief of many ethnic minorities, shamans are respected members of the Tuvan society who help people and it is not proper from a high-ranking official to offend representatives of shamanism putting them in the same row with prostitutes and 'other cheaters'.
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Dina Oyun

Vera Bailak Missing 40-50 Votes to Become the Siberian of the Year

Several hours left to change the situation. Vera Bailak, 81, legendary Tuvan war veteran, whotook part in liberating Ukraine villages from fascists in 1944, mother of 11 children, head of the huge farm, still on horse-back when needed, is among the nominees for the Siberian of the Year. Today is the last day for voting. Difference between all the 32 pretenders is minimum. Tuvan Vera is missing just 40-50 votes to be in the 7 leaders who will be declared Siberians of the Year. Our Albert Kuvezin is in the leading 7. Vote for Vera withing the nearest hours and make all your friends and friends of your friends do the same at!
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Dina Oyun
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