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» » “Yat-Kha” Received “Altai-Kai” Prize for the Best Throat Singing
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«    July 2009    »
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“Yat-Kha” Received “Altai-Kai” Prize for the Best Throat Singing

From July 17 to July 19, in Gorno-Altaisk, in Elanda, the Festival of World Music “Altai” took place. It was organized by the ensemble “Altai-Kai” and the administration of Gorno-Altausk with the support of the ministry of culture of Republic Altai. It was the first attempt to have this kind of an event on the territory of the city, which brought together musicians and performers not just from the Siberian region, but even from far beyond the borders of the republic. Among the participants were guests from Kalmykia, Tyva, Khakassia, Sakha Yakutia, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, France and America

The planned program included seminars dedicated to the problems of development of tourism and protection of the environment, competitions in Altai national sports, traditional national games, and as a culmination, performances by the world music performers who participated in the festival.

Unfortunately, the advertising campaign was rather modest, and many in the audience admitted that they did not hear about the festival until the very day of its beginning.

Did it attract enough audience? It is doubtful. But, quite possibly, it was precisely the small number of of people that helped to give the festival its cozy, personal atmosphere.

Naturally, one could enumerate all the deficiencies and mistakes, but we would rather not. That is because the first time around, hardly anything turns out pefect, and also because there were so many pleasant and happy moments during the festival.

The Altai Republic was represented in the festival by the most famous masters of their art; The ensembles “Altai-Kai” and “Novaya Asiya”, and the performers Nohon Shumarov, Bolot Bairyshev and Tandalai Yadaganova.

The intended direction of world music meant various types of musical experimentation.

We heard the meditative-electronic music of “Novaya Asiya”, authentic melodies of “Altai-Kai”, next to multi-instrumentalists-improvisators from Barnaul, the group “MonogoNyob” (ManyHeavens). Tandalai Yadaganova’s virtuoso vocals were followed by the performance of the famous story-teller and singer from Kalmykia, Vladimir Karuyev, the Moscow duet “TurboDzen”, and the group “Allegoriya” from Minusinsk, who played fusion music, using traditional musical instruments from then whole world.

The apogee of the festival was the performance by “Yat-Kha”. (Tuva), a world-famous group. Playing crazy songs in the ethno-rock style, miximg national Tuvan colorit with the rock’n’roll rhythms, Yat-Kha started at least half of the audience dancing. The power of their music was such, that people forgot the light rain, their inhibitions, and their age – everybody was happy, the adults and the children.

The organizers of the festival prepared special prizes , which were awarded in various categories.

Vladimir Karuyev received the prize “Altai Bear – Altai Ayu” for friendship and peace between nations, ensemble “Ulger” from Khakassia received the prize “Altai-Cradle of the Turks – Altai kabai” for preservation and development of non-material cultural heritage of Turkic nations, the singer Saina (Yakutia) was honored by the award “Golden Maral – Altyn sygyn” for nobility and beauty.

The headliner of the festival, group “Yat-Kha” became the holder of the prize “Altai-Kai” for the best throat singing.

Diplomas of the festival were received by the French accordionist Jonathan Po..(Prize of the favorite of the audience), group MonogoNyob (for an unique contribution to world music) and duet “TurboDzen” (for originality). Tandalay Yadaganova was awarded the diploma of the festival for immense contribution to the development, preservation and propaganda of national Altai culture.

It can be said that the festival “Altai” took place, and gave a foundatiuon to a good tradition.

Many thanks to those that participated in the production of thie holiday in the Altai land.

We would like to believe that next year the festival will become a full-sized event and will attract even more talented musicians and fans of their art.

Anna Kovshar, Novosti Gornogo Altaia, translated by Heda Jindrak
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