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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Herders of Tes-Khem are getting ready to celebrate Shagaa

Exhibition of national dishes, contest for the tastiest pelmeni, best horse outfit, fastest speech, lifting rocks (kodured dash), mass sledding from hills, chess games, khuresh wrestling – all that will be going on in Tec-Khem kozhuun during the Lunar New Year celebrations. On the evening before Shagaa, which is coming with the first rays of the sun on February 14, “cholukshulga”, an ancient ceremonial expression of respect to the elders of the community takes place.

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Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak

Amadu Mamadakov: I would like to unite our nations

Amadu Mamadakov will come back to Tuva again

The poster of a Moscow theatre introduces him as Merited Artist of Republic Tuva, yet he has been to Tuva only once. He is a great teacher and a talented director, but he is mostly known as an actor. He lives and works in Moscow, but his whole soul belongs to Gornyi Altai. He was born in a tiny village, but the whole country knows him.

He is a son of his nation, yet all the Asian republics consider him one of their own. The list of works of Amadu Mamadakov, the Merited Artist of Republics Altai and Tuva shows many theatre roles, yet he is remembered for films “Zvezda” (Star) and “9 rota”.

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Sayana Ondur, tuvapravda.ru, translated by Heda Jindrak
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