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» » A gigantic serpent, a hanging bridge, and stone warriors entered into the “Nine Treasures” contest (Tuva)
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«    March 2010    »
электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

A gigantic serpent, a hanging bridge, and stone warriors entered into the “Nine Treasures” contest (Tuva)

Tomorrow at the National Museum of Tuva at 10 o’clock, the members of the organizing committee of the special project “Nine Treasures” (Tuva) will answer the questions of journalists, regional experts, and simply all those who are interested in the noteworthy things in Tuva, and would like to take part in the project. Applications are accepted until March 15. Among the claims received to date, there are well-known Tuvan trademarks, like the Center of Asia, Por-Bazhyn, Ustuu-Khuree, (including the reasons why, historical facts, legends), as well as heretofore completely unknown objects.

Alla Aleksandrovna Gurkova, 74, a pensioner from the village Saryg-Sep of Kaa-Khem kozhuun of Tuva is interested in the fate of a 5 meter reptile which was seen by shepherds; “Our people said that when lying down, he was about the size of a cart wheel. When they wanted to photograph him, in a cave up on Shana, he started unwinding himself and the guys got frightened. Mikhail Zhideev, Kolya Borisenko and others were there, and they all ran away. Then he was seen again by the Mergen River. Nobody knows where he is now.”

A young married couple Saida and Syrgy Dongak consider khoomei to be the main treasure of Tuva. They supply myths and legends, and historical facts about the first gramophone recording with throat singing in 1934. It is interesting that even before this claim, on January 23, Steve Sklar, an American musician, the founder of the site proposed Tuvan khoomei as one of the treasures. His point of view was well supported by good argumentation. Mr. Sklar also pinted out that on the UNESCO site, China lists Mongolian khoomei as one of the non-material world treasures. As the American throat singing enthusiast noted, this claim by China has already provoked a storm of indignation.

The stone bridge in Kara-Khol is considered to be one of the treasures of Tuva by Khertek Saiyn-oolovich Lenov from Bai-Taiga. This unique natural formation provokes more questions than answers.

In the same vein is a crater suggestive of an imprint of a cosmic body, on the left bank of Torgalyg River in Ovyur. This natural phenomenon was discovered and described by the scientist Aleksandr Korzh.

The boulder “Chalama”, reminiscent of a mountain, by the Bayan-Kol River was suggested by Zinaida Symchan-ool, teacher at Terlig-Khaya village school.

Our great compatriot Sergei Shoigu, arzhaan “Kundustug”, the Tuvan language, Putin’s bridge in Chaa-Khol, shamanism, Azas lake, relics at Kochetovo village, the artist Sergei Lanzy, petroglyph cliffs, stone Genghis Khan, Khovu-Aksy village, asbestos deposits, and many various other objects are claimed and explained as treasures of the republic.

“I consider the Tuvan people to be a treasure of Tuva, who, during the hard times of the war, sent livestock, in the cold, rain and snow, to feed our soldiers in the field, to dress them in warm socks and mittens to warm their wounded souls, to give them the strength of will to win the war and to return as heroes to their native lands, and they did come back.”

That is a merit and respect to Tuvan nation, that is a treasure of Tyva”, (Militina Konstantinovna Shatrova, 70, Kyzyl).

Remember that the project “Nine Treasures” was started off at the meeting of Premier Sholban Kara-ool with reporters on the Day of Russian Press.

Organizer of the project - Office of Chairman of the Government of Republic Tyva


Ministry of culture and tourism

Ministry of natural resources and ecology of RT

Ministry of education, science and youth politics of RT

Association “Council of municipal systems of RT”

Service for protection of monuments

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Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak
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