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Shivilig (Tuva) invites visitors

Shivilig (Tuva) invites visitorsTomorrow, a tourist base will open at the arzhaan Shivilig (Bai-Taiga kozhuun, Tuva).   Maadyr Sayan, a local businessman,  took care of the arrangements at the famous radon spring, which was submitted to the “Tos Ertine” (Nine Treasures) contest. New conditions will be offered to the vacationers - lodging in 4-bed cottages and Tuvan yurts. Those who like active vacations can take horse rides, there is horse-riding and sports equipment, and they can utilize tour services.
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Dina Oyun,, translated by Heda Jindrak

Tandy (Tuva): Travel to the land of blue lakes

Tandy (Tuva): Travel to the land of blue lakesTle land of Tandy is saturated with legends of Genghis Khan. The best known is one connected with lake Chagytai.  Until these times, different stories circulate among the people: that Dzhagytai, either a son or grandson of Genghis Khan was executed on the lake shore, and the lake was named in his honor. But others say that Dzhagytai was the name of Genghis Khan’s daughter, a beautiful princess who died young. The Khan’s warriors dug out a huge crater. They buried the princess in the center, with inconceivable treasures next to her; then they filled the crater with water. In another version, Genghis Khan himself was buried in the vicinity of the lake. It is impossible to say which of them is closer to the truth. Let specialists decide the mystery. And you can believe the version which is closer to your heart.

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Viktoriya Kondrashova,, translated by Heda Jindrak
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