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» » A lynx attacked a sheep barn in Tuva. 76 sheep perished
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«    March 2011    »
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A lynx attacked a sheep barn in Tuva. 76 sheep perished

A lynx attacked a sheep barn in Tuva. 76 sheep perished76 sheep, 5 lambs, and one calf perished as a result of an attack on a sheepherding station of Oyun-ool Mongush in Duvuren of Sailyg sumon of the Chedi-Khol kozhuun. According to information from the Hunting and fishing commission of Tuva, predators invaded the koshara (sheep barn) through the upper ventilation opening. The livestock died, mostly, as a result of  pressure-suffocation from fright.

The first impression was - wolves.  The  Commission inspector investigating the scene, after examining deep claw wounds on the animals' backs, determined that the attack was the work of a member of the cat family, most likely a snow leopard. Later, as the head of the Hunting and fishing commission, Alexander Novikov informed us, during a more thorough scene investigation, tracks of two lynxes, a female and a year-old cub, were discovered; they were the cause of panic in the sheep herd.

The predators escaped through a small ventilation opening measuring 20 x 35 centimeters, placed at the height of one meter.

Info from the government press-service translated by Heda Jindrak
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