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» » "Raduga Tuvy" - a new literature site for children
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"Raduga Tuvy" - a new literature site for children

"Raduga Tuvy" - a new literature site for childrenAn internet web site for the youngest readers of Russia, the first literature site in Tuva for children opened on the eve of  Children's Day. Tuvan folk tales, proverbs and sayings, the best novels, stories and verse for children, which were at various times created for children by Tuvan writers and translated into Russian are presented on the portal.  "Raduga Tuvy" (Tuvan Rainbow) is one of the first stages of social project "Tuva chitayushchaya" (Reading Tuva).

"Raduga Tuvy" ( is a gift for respected, beloved, bright, good and talented children of Russia - of all ages and nationalities. It is meant for those whom we want to teach to read good books, think deeply, and to develop fine and accurate feeling for words, - said the initiator of the "Tuva chitayushchaya) project, journalist Inna Printseva.  -  So far, the site is only in Russian language. This is explained by its two tasks. The first - to help children fr5om remote Tuvan districts to fully master Russian language. The second - to give children in other Russian regions to read Tuvan books."

Together with the kids, it is also a present for their mothers and fathers, grandmas and grandpas, kindergarten and school teachers, students and lecturers of philological departments…for all who can appreciate the value of the work of masters of the word.

Right now, books by Stepan Saryg-ool, Salim Syuryun-ool, Mongush Kenin-Lopsan, Cherlig-ool Kuular, Kombu Bizhek, Eker-ool Kechil-ool are presented on the site, as well as heroic epic stories, tales of magic, folk tales and animal fables, sayings and proverbs. Riddles need literary translations.

In near future, the site will be filled with story collections published since 1955 to the present time. All the texts will be presented in the original editing, therefore there may be some differences in spelling of Tuvan words (Shaga - Shagaa, idiki - idyki, etc.). There are footnotes and  references to sources. The books are available for download and reading online.

This project is supported by the Ministry of education and science of Tuva. Under a separate heading, there will be lessons of Tuvan and Russian languages for beginners. Creative laboratory "Zov" (The Call), which works with disabled children, has offered its materials. The site will keep evolving - opening new pages and digitalizing new texts.

As we have said above, "Raduga Tuvy" is one of the first stages of social project "Tuva chitayushchaya". The next stage is to create a site of contemporary Tuvan literature.  Later, translations of poetry and prose of talented Tuvan writer, which have not been translated into Russian so far, will be undertaken. Famous Tuvan writers are ready to collaborate with this project., translated by Heda Jindrak
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