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» » Tuvan tales on the list of "100 books" for independent reading for schoolchildren of Russia
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Tuvan tales on the list of "100 books" for independent reading for schoolchildren of Russia

Tuvan tales on the list of "100 books" for independent reading for schoolchildren of RussiaMinistry of education of Russia confirmed a reading list "100 books" in history, culture and literature of the nations of Russia for schoolchildren. Together with organs of state administration, scholarly and pedagogic agencies as well as interested public organizations at first prepared a long list of proposed books. The general long list consisted of about 5000 books. Resulting list of "100 books" was selected out of these, which can be used for organization of independent and elective reading for schoolchildren.

Among these books are, for example, two works by Chingiz Aitmatov ("A Day is Longer than a Century" and "The White Steamship"), V. Arseniev's novel "Dersu Uzala", R. Gamzatov's poems "My Dagestan" and other works of children's and youth's literature, written by authors of the country. Among the samples of national folklore are, in particular: "Geser" (heroic epic of Mongolian peoples), "Dzhangar" (Kalmyk national epic), "Kalevala" (Karelian national epic), "Manas" (Kirgiz national epic), "olonkho" (Yakut heroic epic), "Ural-Batyr" (Bashkir national epic) and others.

Tuvan folklore is also present on the list - in the collection "Skazki narodov Rossii" (Tales of Russia's nations), which was collected by famous story-teller Mark Vatagin (Minsk, 1988).

Little readers can be introduced here to three Tuvan tales: "Bogytar Kulyug", "Oskyus-ool and Kurbustu-Khan's daughter" as well as "Oskyus-ool who learned three skills".

Detailed recommendations about work with books included on the "100 books in history, culture and literature of peoples of Russian Federation, recommended for independent reading by schoolchildren" list can be viewed on sites: http://www.openeducation.fondedu.ru/ and http://knig100.spbu.ru.


tuvaculture.ru, translated by Heda Jindrak
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