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Not like everybody else. Part II

Not like everybody else. Part II-  Sainkho, what is your main character trait?

-  Curiosity.

-  And being non-standard?

-  Being non-standard is more of a result.

In the West, probably, it is less conspicuous, because people are more tolerant.  To behave extravagantly or to look different from the others is not such a very noticeable thing. Artists and singers are perceived as people of a different world, and society accepts their out of the ordinary characteristics calmly.

-  Did it take a great inner effort to shave your head?

-  No. I was 43 at the time. My management was in Milan, and Milan is the Italian Mecca of fashion.  And they would design new clothing for me for every new album. And for one of the albums, they found a long cashmere dress, form-fitting, with bare shoulders. And something like a shawl that I could wrap myself in.

The result was a kind of a monk-like image, so I suggested to shave my head. And they shaved my head. As a matter of fact, it suits me very much. It is very laconic, ascetic, at that time nobody else was doing it.

So that is how I performed with the ensemble: bald head, tight dress, a sort of - not quite- shawl - something delicately lilac with a purplish tinge. It was very beautiful.

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Nadezhda Antufieva, "Center of Asia", translated by Heda Jindrak
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