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» 7 out of 18 Heads of the District Militia Departments are Fined
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«    January 2003    »
электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

7 out of 18 Heads of the District Militia Departments are Fined

The annual meeting of the high ranking militia officials with the participation of the Republican Prosecutor and the representative of the State Security Body (FSB) took place in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The results of the Tuvan militia work in 2001 were on the agenda. Some of figurs in the Minister's report rose a lot of questions in the journalists' row. Thus 7 out of 18 heads of the district militia departments were put a disciplinary fines on. Every fifth criminal case brought to the court was returned because of the poor quality of the investigation. 144 criminal cases' files were lost!!! Among the "leaders" are Kaa-Khem districts (53!), Pii-Khem (53!) and Tandy district. 16 criminal cases' files connected with drug crimes were stolen from the Kyzyl militia headquarters' The fact that more than 200 cases were detained because of the desease of the suspects the Prosecutor Mosiash found suspicious. Throughout 2001 more than 35 thousand drunkards were taken from the street into sobering stations. 3 000 out of them are women. Among different categories of crime cattle-stealing is the most intesively growing, it rose up by 2,7 times.

Dina Oyun
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