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» To Defend Democracy: a New 'Action' Commitee is Founded in Russia
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«    December 2004    »
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To Defend Democracy: a New 'Action' Commitee is Founded in Russia

All-Russian Civil Congress has just been held in Moscow. It gathered civil rights defenders and journalists from all the far-off places of Russia including Tuva which was represented by Augusta Perelyaeva (Civil Rights Defense Comittee) and Dina Oyun (Tuva-Online). For the first time in the new Russian history it united the lefts and the rights of Russia, the latters have split after the fiasco at the Gosduma elections into dozens of new parties and have not communicated with each other since December 2003.
The agenda for the left before the new presidential election (2008) time was being discussed. The regional speakers have touched upon the problems of the corrupted authorities, attacks on the independant media, winding up of democracie. The 'Action' Committee was elected with Garry Kasparov, World Chess Champion as its leader.

Dina Oyun
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