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5th Kamby-Lama of Tuva Jambal Lodoi was Enthroned Today

29-year-old Jambal Lodoi (secular name Apysh-ool Sat) was enthroned today as Kamby-Lama (leader of Buddhists) of Tuva. He graduated Gomang Datsan university and is the first and the only at present day Tuvan monk having higher education with san gelong degree which is equal to secular Ph.D. Buddhists from other regions of Russia came to Tuva to celebrate Tuva's new Kamby-Lama.
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Sayana Mongush

State support of mass-media does not mean the full maintenance

The Decision of deputies of the Tuvan Khural (parliament) on reduction of support of the state mass-media on 9 million rubles. (decision was accepted in the second reading of republican budget in Parliament for current year) has caused charges "in limiting of a freedom of speech". On release of one copy of newspapers, whose founder the government of Tuva appears, the budget of republic spends 8 rubles, while the paper costs readers 3 rubles. Deputies consider this is too much for Tuva's budget.
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Sayana Mongush

Tuvan Khoomei, Didgeridoo, Jaw-Harp etc

Today Big Sky and Overtone Orchestra members Johnna Morrow and Steve Sklar will perform in the Rock-N-Soul Cafe (Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, Co) along with local artists LogRhythm. Morrow, described by as "the best female rock vocalist you will ever hear," is Skysong recording artist Big Sky's lead singer and songwriter, and will also play guitar and flute. Sklar, the leading western performer and teacher of Khoomei, or Tuvan Throat-Singing will demonstrate various singing styles, and play didgeridoo, guitar, and jaw-harp.
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Tuva is Going to Spend over 5,5 Billion Roubles in 2005

Today the Tuvan Budget is going through its 3d reading. The work at the republican budget for 2005 has taken too much time due to the numerous discrepancies in regard to the main financial document of the executive and legislative branches of the power. The deputies reproache the document of the huge expenditures on the alexistration and intransparency of the investment program. The government envisaged big sums for the construction objects without proper calculations and explanations of their significance.
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Press-service of the Parliament

Ustuu-Huree Festival Needs Support!!

Ustuu-Huree Festival of Live Music annually held in July in the town of Chadan needs support! This year the popular music forum which gathers fans of Tuvan music from all over the world won't be supported by the Ministry of Culture. Some charity concerts raising money for Ustuu-Huree already take place in Tuva and in other regions.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Folk Group will Perform in the Kremlin

'Ene-Say' (River the Mother) Tuvan folk group is invited to take part in a concert which will be held in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, May, 17. The group is world-known due to the complex presentation of the Tuvan culture. In contrast to other Tuvan folk-groups 'Ene'Say' musicians are not only brilliant throat'singers and instrumentalists.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Models Present Traditional Tuvan Costume in the International Fashion Show

10 Tuvan beauties came to Moscow on the invitation of Tuvan Senator Ludmila Narusova. Putin's close friend from Saint-Petersbourg represents Tuva in the Council of Federation since 2002. Mrs Narusova plans to hold a presentation of Tuva for Russian oligarchs including another Tuvan senator, banker Sergei Pugachiov, who has been in Tuva for all in all several hours, in the elite night club.
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Dina Oyun

First Tuvan City Turning 120 in September

Turan, the oldest Tuvan city is going to celebrate its 120th anniversary in September, 9-10. The town was founded by the first Russian settlers coming to Tuva in search for a better life. The anniversary will be celebrated on a large scale.
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Dina Oyun

Alcoholism is still one of the Main Death Courses in Tuva

Death rate from alcohol intoxications is still very high in Tuva in spite of the measures undertaken by the Government of the Republic. Since the beginning of the year 65 people have already died of vodka and its surrogates.
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Press-service of the Government

Earthquake to the South of Ak-Dovurak

A 4,5 balles-strong earthquake was registered to the south-west of Ak-Dovurak April, 18, reports press-service of the Russian Ministry for Emergency and Civil Defence. It has caused no damage. Tuva is considered one of the active seismic zones of Russia. The strongest earthquake with 6 balles oscillations according to the Richter scale was registered here in 1973.
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Dina Oyun
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