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» State support of mass-media does not mean the full maintenance
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«    April 2005    »
электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

State support of mass-media does not mean the full maintenance

The Decision of deputies of the Tuvan Khural (parliament) on reduction of support of the state mass-media on 9 million rubles. (decision was accepted in the second reading of republican budget in Parliament for current year) has caused charges "in limiting of a freedom of speech". On release of one copy of newspapers, whose founder the government of Tuva appears, the budget of republic spends 8 rubles, while the paper costs readers 3 rubles. Deputies consider this is too much for Tuva's budget. Tuva with the budget of 5,6 billion rubles pawns charges of 18,9 million rubles thus losses of newspapers already make more than a half of sums on their maintenance. The "Shyn" (The Truth) newspaper at expenses of 7,2 million rubles has incurred 4,8 million rubles. Losses of "Tuvinskaya Pravda" (Truth of Tuva) newspaper is over 4,0 million rubles, at expenses 5,9 million.

Vice-speaker of Legislative chamber of the Tuvan parliament Vitaly Valkov (Photo courtesy of of Legislative chamber of the Tuvan parliament Vitaly Valkov says editors-in-chief of the state newspapers do not have bases for claims: "We think it's wrong when "Tuvinskaya Pravda", receiving full financing from the budget, that is actually living on means of tax bearers, expresses only founder's [which is Government] point of view. If the government wishes to have the newspaper, it must support it by government's own money. The national newspaper should define the information policy in interests of people, to be interesting for people, accordingly bought. Why inhabitants of republic should pay judicial claims which are lost by "Tuvinskaya Pravda"? Only in April the newspaper has published three refutations on clauses. The government too should think, whether inhabitants of republic are in condition to bear expenses for that quantity of newspapers which it has founded. In other regions the quantity of the state newspapers does not exceed 2-3. We hope, that the system of state support of mass-media we offered will be supported by the public journalistic organizations. I do not see other way out of the situation, the budget cannot support 100 per cent of all the state newspapers".

Experience of other regions shows that all of mass media are the self-supporting organizations. The state support concerns only charges on paper, typographical services, maintenance with technics. Thus the state support is carried out concerning all newspapers, irrespective of their patterns of ownership. Support of mass-media by the state is also carried out as a state order (on illumination of the vital problems for a society) on a competitive basis.

In opinion of deputies the new principle of financing promises benefits instead of losses for such media like "Bashky" (Teacher) magazine, newspapers: "Ene sözü" (Mother's Word), "Syldyschygash" (Little Star), "Tyvanyņ anyiaktary" (Youth of Tuva). These specialized editions have no competitors and can receive grants on illumination of problems of motherhood, the childhood, youth and problems of teachers. "Tuvinskaya Pravda" and "Shyn" will have enough support at full financing of official publications. "Republic can't completely finance all the state mass-media. All the state newspapers today are completely financed from the budget, including financing of wages. Noone in these newspapers has not seriously thought of improving the efficiency of management, about the information policy. Last year the state printed mass-media had lost 18 million roubles", - Vitaly Valkov says.

Sayana Mongush
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