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» Opposition Holds a People Referendum on Building the Railway to Tuva
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Opposition Holds a People Referendum on Building the Railway to Tuva

Communists launched yesterday all over the country an inofficial referendum asking people at the movable street poll stations. In the qustionnaire there are 7 national questions (to rise pensions, to lower utility payments, differentiation of the income tax, free health service, responsibility of the power, includng President, for the asocial reforms) and a couple of regional questions. In Tuva it will concern the construction of the railway to Tuva. The majority of the population is against it, but the local authorities lobby the project thus supporting the plans to explore the Elegest Coal Mine and export Tuvan coal by the group related to the Russian oligarch Sergei Pugachiov (represents Tuva in the higher chamber of the Russian Parliament). The Tuvan railway 'thanks' to the senator's effort is already included into the Transport Strategy of Russia. The people's referendum will last till September, 25. But no garantee that its results will be taken into consideration by the people at power.

Sayana Mongush, Dina Oyun
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